Welcome to Archet Aid 2012 !

We are happy to announce the second ‘Archet Aid’ in history of the middle-earth, and we hope you all will join in on this event that is a solidarity gesture towards those poor farmers of Archet, that got their little town burned down by brigands a few years ago.

We in The Chosen Few have managed to gather some of the best musicians and bands in the middle-earth for a solidarity concert in the town of Archet and we have also this year added a market and a couple of shows before the concert itself! This is going to be grand!

1800pm (UK/GMT time) – Opening of the Fair
CANCELLED – Horse show by Riders of Riddermark
1930pm (UK/GMT time) – A Drill by Durins Guard
1955pm (UK/GMT time) – Closing of the market
2000pm (UK/GMT time) – Solidarity Concert ‘ Archet Aid’
2200pm (UK/GMT time) – End of concert, let the fireworks fly!
NB! This schedule might be altered closer to the event

In other words…
The event will start at 1800pm (UK/GMT time) with the opening of the market. During the market there will be a semi–organised ‘Open Stage’ where every bard that wants to perform can sign on to do a tune, poem, joke or even a short story for everyone’s amusement and entertaining. If you are not in one of the bands performing at the big concert this is the place to share your artistic abilities with the rest of us. (ofcourse, if you are in one of the bands, but want to share a tune or two, please sign up too 🙂 ). There will be one person in charge of the ‘who’s playing next list’ so it should be easy to get a chance in the spotlight there. (Who this is will be announced later on).

There will be two non-musical shows, where you can see Durins Guard performing one of their drills, and the Riders of Riddermark with their formation riding show. At 20.00pm (BST/UK time) the solidarity concert will start, and the market will close up together with the ‘Open Stage’ part of the event.

It should be all over at 2200pm (UK/GMT time).

A Drill by the Durins Guard
The Durins Guard from the Durins Folk have agreed to give us all a taste of what it is like in the guard by performing one of their drills. This is in preparation to defend the borders against the darkness and evil that lurks in the shadows outside our boundaries.
The Durins Guard is also always on the lookout for new recruits to join their ranks, so if the life of the military seems like a good choice for you, please contact one of their officers for a ‘chat’. (obs! Dwarf-only kinship).

A horse show by Riders of Riddermark CANCELLED
We are very sorry to have to announce that the horse show by the Riders of Riddermark is cancelled from this years Archet Aid. Unforseen events have forced them to cancel their performance, and we hope that they will come back next year.
We have just recieved this letter from the Riders to share with all of you.

Dear Arrangers of Archet Aid, performers and participants alike!
It is with great sorrow in our hearts that we must inform you that the Riders of the Riddermark will not be able to ride in collected forces to your event.War beckons in our homeland, and our focus must now lie with our families that are under siege from a fearful host. We must ride to the Riddermark as swift as the wind over the meadow; we must ride for ruin or for victory with sword in hand and our banners held high, as with every day that passes before our eyes, our people suffer great losses. It is our great hope that you and everyone involved will understand our predicament, and that we may all meet again beneath a shining sun when all of our fears and concerns are laid behind us.

With all our respect and love, as well as our hopes and cheers for a very fine event;
Riders of the Riddermark

We are working on filling this gap in the program, so stay tuned for more information later on.

For information about the bands and the market, see the tabs ‘The bands’ and ‘Market’ at the top of the page.

The lineup for the Archet Aid Concert – 2012

The Songburrow Strollers
The Songburrow Strollers are a small collective of hobbit musicians from the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. They carry on the long held tradition of making music in the village of Songburrow in the Shire, and are playing at ‘Archet Aid’ for the second time! The Songburrow Strollers are also this years winners of ‘Weatherstock 2012’ over at [En-RE]Landroval !

The Shades
The Shades are one of the oldest and most respected bands in Middle-Earth, and with their soft elven inspired music they can make your mind float away on dreamy clouds. The Shades are with us for the second time and we say that this is a concert you will not want to miss!

The Chosen Few
The Chosen Few is a mixed band from various parts of the Middle-Earth, and are in their second lineup since they where formed two years ago. The music is fast dance tunes with a few slow ones (for the ladies) and they got a quite big collection of tunes to make you dance your socks off (Hobbits excused, ofcourse). They are also the host for ‘Archet Aid’.

Hobbit Heart
Hobbit Heart is a musical duet from Four Farthings over in the Shire. They play lovely ballads and some uptempo tunes, and they have recently put on the event ‘There and Back again‘ (Muscial) that was a great success! Hobbit Heart is also playing for the second year at ‘Archet Aid’.

Ramblin’ Rascals
Ramlin’ Rascals is a new band from the Shire that are playing at Archet Aid for the first time this year.
Together they set out to entertain the Shire with merry melodies and light-hearted lyrics about the Shire, Hobbits and….well.. you need to come and listen to find out the rest.

Souls of Void
Souls of Void is a new band that was asked to play due to a concert they performed in the Greenhouse at Thorins Hall. Grand music needs to be shared, and we are glad to be able to give you the opportunity to hear these people play at the Archet Aid for the first time.

The Beards
Its not just the ‘marching up and down the square’ the lads from Durins Folk are good at. Their own band ‘The Beards’ have been visiting the Green Dragon Friday at several occasions to play their dwarfish music for our pleasure. We are glad to give you a taste of their music at Archet Aid, so keep those tankards ready and join in on the singing!


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