Archet Aid ?

Archet Aid
‘Archet Aid’ was started as a concert idea from the lads in ‘The Chosen Few’ to try to create something a bit more than the standard concert format seen everywere else. The idea of adding a bit of RP into the mix, and make a Solidarity Concert for the poor farmers of Archet (town burned down and so on) catched on with the people involved, and the first one saw the light of day in november 2011.

Archet Aid – 2014
This year we are at ‘Archet Aid’ number 4, and we have grown quite a bit since the first concert with five bands present. We have tried to make the RP part of it a bit bigger by adding a ‘Archet Fayre’ to the Solidarity concert, and we have also expanded the concert by one hour to make room for four bands more (last year showcased 8 bands. This year the number will be 12!) We are working on putting the Fayre part of the event together these days, and rumors will have it that the popular Archery and backwards race competitions will be back together with some new sideshows for you all to enjoy.

Archet Aid – RP possibility
The idea of having Archet Aid as a rp influenced event, is not that all people attending the event are forced to RP their character and time at the event. The idea is that we hope that people will use the ‘Fayre and concert’ as a backdrop for their own RP stories and a place to continue their creative rp outlets. In other words, if you are playing a beggar/noble/warrior/mysterious hunter/whatever, let the Fayre be a place for ya to further enhance your storyline, and help in making the event a ‘living/breathing’ event.

We are also looking for guard/millitary kinships based in Bree or the surrounding areas to help out with security (rp wise) at the event… there are reports of brigands in the area….

Archet Aid – Why the Archet Aid area?
Next to the storyline of the town itself, one of the good thing by having Archet as a festivity ground, is that it is one of the ‘starter areas’ for this game. This means that you can be from another server / brand new player and be able to attend the festivities with a minimum of playtime. (Finish with the introduction and your all set).

We hope the next event will bring even more people to Archet (that is accessible for all races at very low level) and that we can make an even better event this year… we got some ideas… 🙂

Thank you all!

– ‘The Chosen Few’.


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