Archet Aid – 2013

The lineup for the solidarity concert:
– The Shades
– The Songburrow Strollers
– The Chosen Few
– The Andunie Ensemble
– A Rock and a Hard place
– Andunie
– The Rolling Kegs
– Die Meisterbarden von Bree

The 2013 version of Archet Aid was a great success both with the Fayre, where both the Archery Competition and the Backwards Race was well attended. The fellows in Andunie also entertained us with a well played theatre play about ‘the 3 kings’, and the lads in Durins Folk gave a good peek into what it means to be a Durins Guard with their Drill routine.

The Solidarity concert was a fantastic show with music from a selected group of the best bands in the middle-earth. We had visiting bands from three different servers together with the bands from our own dear Laurelin, and we hope the audience had a blast dancing away the evening to the fabolous tunes these delivered.

There are some really good screenies over at the ‘Picure’ part of this site.

If you got any comments about the previous years and / or comments and ideas for future ‘Archet Aid’s, please take a moment to sign up to our open forums and share your thoughts.
Link to the forum

Best regards
– The Archet Aid Commitee


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