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‘The Chosen Few’ and ‘Order of the Divine Brew’ is proud to present

Location: Town of Archet, [EN-RP]Laurelin
Time and Date: – Not set yet –

The doors to the ‘Archet Aid Forum’ are now open, and we would like to invite you in to share your ideas, thoughts and memories of the previous events! Please help us getting better than ever :)

This is the fourth time we will run the event ‘Archet Aid’ on the Laurelin server, and this year we have brought with us the entire ‘Order of the Divine Brew’ kinship together with ‘The Chosen Few’to make a festival for ya all to cherish and hopefully enjoy :-)

But we need your help. If you have attended the previous ‘Archet Aid’ events, we would really like to hear from you about what you thought of those in light of ‘content’, ‘best place for the stage’, ‘atmosphere’, ‘bands’, ‘contests’ and other stuff ya might have thought of that we have not.

On behalf of everyone involved
– Grymrock Grey.


*Archet Aid is a RP event on the [En-RP]Laurelin server in the online MMO called ‘Lord of the Rings Online’

‘Archet Aid’ consists of a two part event, roughly scheduled to about two hours each. First there is the ‘Archet Aid Fayre’. This part goes over into a ‘Solidarity Concert for the poor farmers of Archet’ where we will give ya a selection of the best bands Laurelin has to offer!

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